Northland Volleyball based in kearney 

Phoenix Storm Volleyball Club

We have experienced coaches who work with high school coaches to develop players and team attitude.

Teaching Vb Skills & Teamwork

We will: 

* Maximize the potential of each player.

* Build strong teams.

* Develop leadership skills.

* Expect and encourage positive attitudes.

Phoenix Storm VBC supports the MU Tigers as they defeat Florida

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All payments were due at uniform fitting. If paying by credit card, you will have a 4% fee on top of volleyball dues. Please send final payments to Jeff Fogel (1334 NE 106th Place, KC, MO 64155). There are NO REFUNDS.


Storm Volleyball is now an

Under Armour Club! 


​Parents' Video by HOA on expectations

*** Storm Gym is up and running! ***

We need volleyball decorations! If anyone has made volleyball posters or has team level projects you've created that you want to display, please let us put them up in the office and gym.


Storm Playing Philosophy

At the younger levels, there is more equity in playing time. As they develop and teams work to find the strongest possible combination, not all players will get equal playing time. All will play, though. Playing time is earned in practice and during game-time performance. The Student-Athlete will:

​* exhibit qualities of selflessness

* be a great teammate

* enter each practice/game with a genuine desire to improve
* enhance team chemistry
* be positive
* MUST not suffer from “Entitlement Syndrome”
* attend practice
* have an attitude that leads to team success
* remind parent/guardian to support athlete and team success