Northland Volleyball based in NKC 

Phoenix Storm Volleyball Club

We have experienced coaches who work with high school coaches to develop players and team attitude.

Teaching Vb Skills & Teamwork

Storm News......
We will be moving "back" into the NKC area beginning with the 2017-2018 season!  We will be located in the area of the NKC Community Center, ROKC Rock Climbing Facility, and Brave Enough Crossfit.  This is a great family friendly location currently being remolded.  We will NOT have any open gyms until June/July.  No club should be actively recruiting players at this time as there are NO Signings until July 20th, 2017 permitted by HOA.  We will be emphasizing a few of the following principals for the upcoming season.  
  All will play, however playing time is not equal.  Your daughter will play EVERY SINGLE GAME OF EVERY SINGLE MATCH OF EVERY SINGLE SET.  This might be front row only, or back row only or both which is to be determined by the coach.  This includes both bracket and pool play.  If your looking for a win at all cost club you have come to the wrong place.  We are about effort, attitude, passion, determination and teamwork.  Yes we want to win and we value practice time however we also understand the multi-sport student athlete may have the occasional schedule conflict.  This will not be a problem with communication to the coaching staff.  We encourage the multi-sport athlete.   Practice will be Monday-Thursday from 5:30-9:30pm.  Practice times TBA.  Most teams will practice 2x a week for 1.5 hours each practice.  We will begin around Thanksgiving 2017.  We are an Under Armor Volleyball Club.  
Please email the coaches directly for more information about the upcoming season.  Coaches BIO coming soon!

We will: 

* Maximize the potential of each player.

* Build strong teams.

* Develop leadership skills.

* Expect and encourage positive attitudes.

Storm Playing Philosophy

At the younger levels, there is more equity in playing time. As they develop and teams work to find the strongest possible combination, not all players will get equal playing time. All will play, though. Playing time is earned in practice and during game-time performance. The Student-Athlete will:

​* exhibit qualities of selflessness

* be a great teammate

* enter each practice/game with a genuine desire to improve
* enhance team chemistry
* be positive
* MUST not suffer from “Entitlement Syndrome”
* attend practice
* have an attitude that leads to team success
* remind parent/guardian to support athlete and team success